10 questions for employee testimonials

10 questions for employee testimonials

No one is better at telling about your workplace than the employees themselves. Therefore, it is obvious to make use of employee testimonials in the hunt for the good candidate. It creates honesty and authenticity and it is a valuable tool for your HR department. To inspire you, we have compiled a guide to good questions that you can use if you want to get started with employee testimonials.

Potential candidates will have their curiosity asked about your workplace. Trustpilot recommendations and statistics are good tools, but recommendations from your employees and customers are what make the big difference. Employee testimonials also help to extend the visiting time on your job posting, which can only have a positive effect when you have to be “top of mind” with the candidate.

Why employee testimnoals?

  • Creates credibility
  • Activates emotions
  • Informs about the content of the job
  • Higher application rate
  • Increases awareness
  • Meeting with future colleagues

Are you ready to strengthen your employee branding? Then it is obvious to start with a strategy for employee testimonials. With the right approach, it can make a huge difference in the pursuit of the right talents. It can be cross-border to ask your employees what they think about the workplace, so make sure to create a space where the employee feels safe and comfortable.

You do not have to make use of all the questions when doing an interview. Assess how much time you have and how much content you need and then pick out the questions that make sense to you. A strong strategy can be to choose only a few of the questions, after which you let the conversation unfold organically. It can give the impression of a more natural and authentic interview.

Also get to know the company yourself

The purpose of the interview is to prepare marketing material that can lead to more applicants, but there are more benefits than one immediately thinks in employee testimonials. One of them is that you get an insight into the employee's view of the company. Although the interview guide does not pose critical questions, it gives a good sense of which areas the employee is particularly pleased with.